Hugely reliable

"He's an excellent all-rounder, adaptable to any event, and hugely reliable."


An excellent DJ

"Kam has been an excellent DJ at our events, as a result, we have been inviting him for the last five years."


A professional

"He is professional, who always find the right music for the crowd, charges fairly and delivers consistently!"


The magic touch

"He can read the room and clients and seems to have the magic to tailor his style to different atmospheres."


First choice DJ

"My first choice DJ since I first used him."


Appealing to everyone

"A number of our guests commented how good the evenings entertainment was."


Disco Equipment

As you would expect, through membership of the National Association of Disc Jockeys, I am fully insured for £10m of Public liability and £10m Employers Liability.

All equipment is PAT tested (Portable Appliance Testing) and certification available at all times.
Technology has advanced so much for DJs in the last few years. I have updated my Kit several times to take advantage of superior sound and lighting effects in small, simple and good looking packages.

Digital DJing and Karaoke advancements have provided me the opportunity to be able to play commercial pop music alongside dance tunes with incredible ease. Searching for a song and taking requests is easier and quicker than ever. And the catalogue of songs you can carry around on a laptop is virtually limitless.

You may notice from some of my pictures that I use a DJ controller with platters. I do this as I miss the touch and feel of mixing with Vinyl, but certainly don’t miss carrying around the weight of it. I always mix live, no auto syncing software features are used. I like to think I am an old skool DJ using modern technology to the gigs advantage.

I will refrain from specifying the current equipment available as to be honest, it would date the website too quickly because I like to constantly update. The sort of high quality equipment I like to use are:

  • • A minimilist, modular but powerful Sound System, no tripods used at all. I find these ugly, bulky and a trip hazard.
  • • An array of compact LED lighting effects. LEDs are getting brighter, lighter, near silent and able to provide a great disco effect.
  • • Star Cloth or a backlit DJ screen.
  • • Smoke Machine, though many modern venues can no longer accommodate these due to sensitive fire alarms.
  • • Bubble Machines, great fun for the kids.
  • • 3D Laser. An amazing machine that adds a club effect to a gig by drawing 3d images across the venue.
  • • Uplighters. Commonly used to add extra ‘mood’ to a function room. Or used around the DJ for a more dramatic effect.
  • • Laptop and DJ Controller. This provides the ability to access all genres of music instantly and plug in additional ipods, music sticks when required. Simultaneous switching from Karaoke to full DJ mode is possible.