Hugely reliable

"He's an excellent all-rounder, adaptable to any event, and hugely reliable."


An excellent DJ

"Kam has been an excellent DJ at our events, as a result, we have been inviting him for the last five years."


A professional

"He is professional, who always find the right music for the crowd, charges fairly and delivers consistently!"


The magic touch

"He can read the room and clients and seems to have the magic to tailor his style to different atmospheres."


First choice DJ

"My first choice DJ since I first used him."


Appealing to everyone

"A number of our guests commented how good the evenings entertainment was."


DJ Services

DJ Services

At the age of 19 I was provided my first paid gig at the University of Surrey, this opportunity lead to a residency in front of regular 1400+ crowds. From there I expanded into Clubs and Pubs in Guildford and beyond, managing to secure residencies at the University of Creative Arts in Farnham, Yates, and the old Guildford nightclub, Bojanglez.

When time allowed, alongside these club gigs, I started to DJ privately at corporate functions, birthdays and Weddings. This was very useful in gaining experience entertaining in different environments and to different crowds.

These many years of experience DJing in front of capacity crowds one night, to a Birthday in a village hall the next, has been invaluable since ramping up the business a number of years ago when I became self employed. Practice has led me to a confidence in my ability to work a crowd as best I can no matter the age group or function.

A few years ago I struck up a friendship and working relationship with Partyrockerz and together we offer a superb wider range of services. They introduced me to the world of Karaoke which is now part of my portfolio of services.

I also have a 20 year working relationship with the University of Surrey Stage Crew who have access to some of the best equipment in Surrey. They often are used to stage the Guildford Festival. This working relationship means I am able to provide entertainment for any eventuality and size. From an intimate birthday to full blown festival.

One common question that I get asked is what sort of music to I play. Well, due to the sheer number and variety of gigs I have had the pleasure of playing, it inevitably means I am strongest in commercial, popular music from the 60s to present day. I am always open to the request of ‘play a bit of Britpop from our Uni years’ or ‘some 70s for my mum’ and I have been even known to drop a few drum’n’base tracks in my time. I have the ability to mix tracks very competently since learning from Vinyl in the 90s, CDs in the 00s to Digital DJing present day. Though I confess my limits stop at the ability to scratch…I envy those that are able to!

After 20 years, I still love DJing, everything about it. The anticipation of the gig, the crowds, the music and being safe in the knowledge that, even in the digital age of Spotify and Shuffle lists, nothing can beat a DJ working with the crowd to create a great atmosphere.